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We hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season. We have some upcoming announcements coming your way about Fix the World, the QEG and also some personal surprises! Here is a quick little holiday greetings video wishing you all a very Happy New Year and letting you know to stay tuned for announcements coming […]
Patronage is a really old concept that originated around theatre arts where people would pay the creators of art so that they can continue creating and the patron could continue enjoying their artwork. A third party platform called Patreon has gained popularity recently as a means of helping content creators find patrons of their work […]
Did you know that you could hire FTW to work on your project?  Lately we’ve been taking on new clients to help them with their projects in a variety of ways. We thought one of the best ways to show people what we do and how we do it is to share this video with […]
The Complete Guide to Energy, Social, and Biological Technologies That They Did Not Want You To Know About. Electronic Harassment, Cointelpro, V2K, Free Energy, Orgonite and so much more!
In this quick Youtube video Hope and Tivon give an update. Its been a very busy few weeks with new projects and lots of moving around to get things rocking!  
Every month FTW gives a portion of our proceeds back to help others. This month we wanted to do something a little different and highlight one very special project we are helping to fund in the mountains of America through Kiva. Michelle is a talented stained glass artist who needs a loan to carry on her […]
Woo hoo!! Its humbling to think that its been a solid two years that we have been able to diligently give 10{b654e111138869f06a3b65287bc03b4d939dc47343185b2bdbe5f25e211c877b} of our income to help others in need through Kiva. This giving report celebrates our 24th month of giving!  This works everyone! Because we have been faithful in giving to others, we have […]
Happy New Year to everyone! 2017 is bringing all sort of new developments and growth for us here at Fix the World Headquarters. Changes in What Kind of Information we distribute I’ve felt a strong push over the last few months to come away from some of my older ways of presenting information.  You’ll see […]
It all started with this idea… Once upon a time, not so many years ago, I was sitting in a cubicle in a big fancy office building in Boston. And then my whole life changed…
It’s almost hard to believe that its already been an entire year since we opened the doors to our beloved community center in Morocco.  And our hearts go out to the people who have helped the Fix the World organization in order to make this possible.  It is through our memberships and generous help and […]