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Orgone energy which is the life force around every living cell that can be seen as a blue field under a microscope. You can use this energy to protect your family, grid your home, and improve a myriad of health conditions.
Come along with HopeGirl and Tivon from Fix the World for an interesting visual journey as we walk through our
In this chat live from Morocco HopeGirl and Tivon Rivers from the Fix the World Organization speak with Dan Easton,
Did you know that you could hire FTW to work on your project?  Lately we’ve been taking on new clients
Just imagine, with this technology you can set up a wall of batteries in a shed next to your home that will enable you to drastically reduce your electric bill or live completely off grid. This system is scale-able to meet any power requirement.
I love my Hope Girl Youtube Channel, and have put a lot into it over the past 5 years. Unfortunately,
Some really weird things happened right after we launched this new book. Our sites went down and we just spent
The Complete Guide to Energy, Social, and Biological Technologies That They Did Not Want You To Know About. Electronic Harassment, Cointelpro, V2K, Free Energy, Orgonite and so much more!
In this quick Youtube video Hope and Tivon give an update. Its been a very busy few weeks with new
Every month FTW gives a portion of our proceeds back to help others. This month we wanted to do something