In this quick Youtube video Hope and Tivon give an update. Its been a very busy few weeks with new
Every month FTW gives a portion of our proceeds back to help others. This month we wanted to do something
Woo hoo!! Its humbling to think that its been a solid two years that we have been able to diligently
Happy New Year to everyone! 2017 is bringing all sort of new developments and growth for us here at Fix
It all started with this idea… Once upon a time, not so many years ago, I was sitting in a
It’s almost hard to believe that its already been an entire year since we opened the doors to our beloved
Each month Fix the World helps others in need through Kiva. We are happy to share their stories with you
Each month the Fix the World Organization helps to fund others through Kiva. We are happy to share their stories
Hello everyone! Just wanted to provide an update to tell everyone about a little “experiment” we just concluded on our
I would rather dive in to life head first, and take the blows, take the risks, and put up with the attacks and accusations, if it means that I can also achieve the successes. Because to sit and do nothing, and then spend your time trying to stop the few people who are actually doing something… we’ll that to me is death and I choose life...
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